A group of friends and colleagues, accustomed to adversity and the challenges life presents, are armed with extensive experience in their respective professional fields. Friends motivated to achieve significant results and transmit positive energy to those who come into contact with us and our platform.

Welcome to Planet Sayari !

Our project and business design envision a hybrid system that generates profits, funding, and project realization by integrating two financial worlds: the crypto world and the traditional financial world. Our goal is to encourage collaboration between these worlds, moving away from the conflicts that have occurred until now.

In this entire landscape, we consider the community as the most important and indeed fundamental element of our world.

Our Management Team

Planet Sayari is led by an experienced and global management team with diverse backgrounds. The team includes:

Michele Cucchierato as Chief Executive Officer
Madalina Diana Paul as President

Letter of the CEO

CEO’s Letter

Subject: Reflections on Our Journey and Future Prospects

Dear Esteemed Investors,

As we conclude a year of challenges, I wish to express my deep gratitude for your unwavering support for Planet Sayari. Our journey has been characterized by resilience, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to our mission.

A Year of Tenacity and Growth
The past twelve months have tested us in ways we could not have anticipated. From facing regional and global uncertainties to adapting to the changing dynamics of the market, we have weathered storms and celebrated small victories. The dedication of our team has been extraordinary.

The Impact of Planet Sayari
Planet Sayari is not just a startup; it’s a vision. We set out to revolutionize the finance of the future by making the integration between the crypto part and the traditional financial part our strong point, and I am proud to say that we have made significant strides. Here are some highlights:

Global Trust:
The validity of our proposal is widely recognized by business and non-business entities worldwide: many entities rely on us despite the extreme novelty of our proposal. We have become an essential reference point for decision-makers in diversified sectors. Our mission is to integrate the crypto part with the traditional approach to finance, creating a bridge between two worlds and opening up new opportunities for investors and companies. With our commitment to transparency, security, and innovation, we will continue to drive change and create value for our partners and customers.

Explosive Growth:
Since our platform was launched in 2023, we have been consistently recognized by those who have interacted with us as one of the fastest-growing technology companies globally. Our determination and the innovation that guides us have been the pillars of this development, and we will continue to push boundaries to create value and impact in the world of technology and finance. But our real validation comes from the impact we create and will create in the future.

Partnership with Century Capitol UK:
Recently, we agreed on a partnership with Century Capitol UK, with the aim of rapidly expanding our products and our brand among their customers. This partnership represents a significant step towards our growth and the affirmation of our value in the market. We are excited to collaborate with Century Capitol UK to bring our innovative solutions to an even wider audience.

Tokenization of Assets
In addition to our core business, we are paving the way for a revolutionary concept: the tokenization of tangible assets. This innovative approach will transform the investment landscape, opening doors for a wide range of investors. Imagine fractional ownership of traditionally illiquid assets like real estate, sports, and art, all facilitated by blockchain technology.

Our Commitment to Transparency Transparency is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that by prioritizing transparency, we contribute to a safer global economy. Our work reduces systemic risk and empowers organizations to make informed decisions.

Looking Ahead

With the enthusiasm of those who look to the future, we want to share with you an even broader vision for Planet Sayari. In addition to continuing to drive innovation, we intend to create a committed community on various fronts.
Our community will not only be a group of investors but a group of bright minds, industry experts, and enthusiasts. Together, we will collaborate to realize ambitious projects in various sectors:
Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies: We will explore new opportunities in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Our platform will be at the center of this digital revolution.
Traditional Finance: We will continue to integrate the crypto part with the traditional approach to finance. We want to create synergies between the two worlds, opening up new avenues for investors and companies.
Sustainability and Social Impact: We will invest resources to address global challenges such as climate change, poverty, and access to education. We want to make a difference and leave a positive footprint.
Technological Innovation: We will collaborate with startups, research institutes, and organizations to develop cutting-edge solutions. From cybersecurity to artificial intelligence, we will strive to be at the forefront.
Your Role Your trust is our drive.
Every investor is an integral part of this community. Your ideas, skills, and connections will be fundamental to the success of our projects.

We are ready for this new chapter. The challenges we face today are the stepping stones to a brighter future. Thank you for being with us on this adventure.

With gratitude,

Michele Cucchierato Co-Founder and CEO, Planet Sayari

Note: This letter is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice or an offer to invest.

With affection, Michele Cucchierato Co-Founder and CEO, Planet Sayari

Sayari Offices

PLANET SAYARI began as a small startup and soon began to realize it needed to expand internationally to reach more customers and grow its business. Planet Sayari has opened a smaller software development office in Romania. The company’s expansion continued with opening an office in Milan (Italy), in Mendrisio (Switzerland), in Johannesburg (South Africa), In London  (United Kingdom), in Nairobi (Kenya) and  in Delaware (USA).

Planet Sayari LLC – Owned Company
1201 Orange Street, ste 600 Wilmington,
DE 19801 

Planet Sayari LTD – Owned Company
35 Firs Avenue,

United Kingdom

Planet Sayari India LTD – Honorific Name got from our strategic partner Shail International Group
New Delhi

Inversiones Fuertecan SL – Representative Office
Calle Alonso Patallo no.1 Puerta 1
Puerto del Rosario , Las Palmas

Sayari Holding Srl – Owned Company Str,Ion Bratianu

Cluj Napoca

Project Sayari LTD – Owned Company
Delta Corner,Oracle Tower,


Uniprime SA – Co Owned Company
Piazzale alla Valle,via Luigi Lavizzari

Michael Lunwabo Mokoena & Nthabiseng Sharon – Official Agents
76 Southern Klipriverberg Road, The Hill, Johannesburg, 2197
South Africa

Tokenizing Today for a Transformed Tomorrow

Maximize the Benefits of Integrating Cryptocurrency and the Fiat Industry


Planet Sayari has formed strategic partnerships with companies like Shail International Group and Century Capitol UK to help grow its token ecosystem and platform.

Shail International Group

Never a negative feedback; instead, we embody utmost concreteness in the international financial landscape. The Shail International Group, based in New Delhi, has consistently demonstrated its strength through tangible actions. All of this is accomplished with unwavering attention to the positive energies that envelop people and their project proposals and business endeavors. Allow me to introduce you to the Shail International Group.

From our side, just one word: thank you!



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