Become part of our active community!

We are seeking enthusiastic, positive, and proactive individuals who want to make a positive impact in their lives, whether it’s in social, sports, or the business world. Our community is the driving force behind our entire mechanism.

We invite people to actively participate in various projects and grow professionally with us. These projects will be carefully evaluated over time. We encourage our community to get involved, even if it’s as simple as participating in the PLANET SAYARI Project by purchasing our collaboration-certified NFT. This NFT provides a monthly profit to the community participant.

Curious about the sectors our groups work in?

SOCIAL: We can support and sustain existing projects carried out by NGOs or develop humanitarian projects of any kind. Grants are given to beneficiaries in the form of a monthly profit generated from investments made by the community or external investors interested in our initiatives.

SPORTS: As PLANET SAYARI, we are capable of proposing an aid program for small sports teams that need support for activities, travel expenses, or even to purchase sports equipment. In some cases, we may also help acquire professional athletes or cover salaries.

INDUSTRIAL/COMMERCIAL: The industrial and commercial sector is directly focused on profit. The community can decide whether or not to participate. PLANET SAYARI will share various projects with the community, offering them a share in the profits of future projects or the benefits they generate. Everyone will be free to express their opinions and collectively influence decisions.

TOURISM: Having the opportunity to travel is a desire shared by many people. Our proposal is revolutionary: the community can design their dream trip by investing a small sum of money. In collaboration with leading tourism agencies, PLANET SAYARI can offer this dream journey. We only need to know how much the community member wants to spend.

BETTING Let’s consider this only as an option. Our platform aligns with major international betting platforms in terms of odds and the various games available. However, no actual money is wagered. Instead, participants bet using COINS: the PLANET SAYARI coins.