A financial instrument is any asset with monetary characteristics utilized by a cryptocurrency company to raise funds, enable transactions, generate income, or distribute value among its token holders and investors.

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Planet Sayari Instruments

Here are the descriptions for the financial instruments of Planet Sayari company:


A bond is a fixed income financial instrument that represents a loan made by an investor to a debtor (usually a company or government agency). We might think of the bond as an “IOU” (I owe you) between the lender and the borrower, which includes the details of the loan and payments. The bonds are used by companies, local governments, states and sovereign governments to finance projects and operations. Holders of bonds are creditors of the issuer. Our proposal consists in the issuing of NFT BONDS registered in Blockchain and therefore easily traceable and claimable.

Asset tokenization

Converting real-world assets like land, properties, artworks, etc. into digital tokens that can be traded on the Sayari platform and recognized by the Swiss Banks as Financial Assets. According to Swiss Regulation the tokens represent ownership claims over the underlying assets. Asset tokenization provides liquidity to hard-to-trade assets and opens them up to a wider range of investors. Investors can earn returns through capital gains, dividends, or other distributions.


This is still a Beta product, and we would like to propose it to all those business entities who can use the product for their Import Export operations.In the near future we will be able to create a finished product that is easily recognizable and verifiable by those who really need it.

Monetization of bank Instruments

At Planet Sayari, we offer a powerful solution for maximizing the value of your bank instruments. Whether you hold bonds, certificates of deposit, or other financial assets, our flexible credit lines allow you to monetize them effectively. By accessing liquidity while retaining ownership, you can optimize your financial portfolio and achieve your goals.

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Loyalty app

An app where users can earn loyalty points and tokens by engaging with the Sayari platform – doing shopping to Sayari’ commercial partners, listing assets, making transactions, promoting the platform, etc. The loyalty points and tokens can then be redeemed for discounts, special privileges, cashbacks, etc. This encourages more participation and network effects.


Allowing users to swap their Sayari tokens for other compatible tokens and vice versa within the Sayari app. This provides more flexibility, exchange options and opportunities for the token holders. They can diversify their portfolio or take advantage of price differences across platforms. Swapping also increases liquidity and compatibility of the Sayari toke

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