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The Next Frontier of Loyalty:
How Blockchain Makes
Rewards Better with Planet

Building Loyalty on the

Our blockchain based program offers a
unique combination of security,
transparency and decentralization. It
provides substantial rewards for
consumers and significant earning
opportunities for investors.

So when you shop, you earn.

What is the
Sayari Loyalty Program?

It is a program wherby the buyer
receives a discount from Planet Sayari’s
partner stores in the form of a token
called SAYT. This token is stored in the
Sayari wallet application and can later
be exchanged in the application’s
exchanger for other tokens or fiat.

Reasons to Enroll

Security and Transparency

All transactions and rewards are recorded on a secure, transparent ledger, providing customers with peace of mind and trust in the program.

High Earning Potential for Investors

Our offering is a digital token linked to a virtual loyalty card available online. Upon being listed on multiple exchangers, SAYT token has the potential to greatly appreciate in value and become a highly desirable component within the loyalty sistem.

Substantial discounts and rewards for consumers

Members of the Sayari loyalty program are eligible to receive discounts from merchants or business partners. Consumers can earn more bonus tokens by enrolling in the program, referring others and staking the token for a certain period of time.

Mobile App

Planet Sayari is a blockchain based loyalty app. The app uses blockchain to store customer loyalty tokens and transactions in a transparent and secure manner.




The app wallet will contain all Sayari ecosystem tokens plus some of the top 10 crypto currencies like BTC or ETH.

Moreover, in the application you will be able to view loyalty points from other commercial partners as well as the level of consumption reached in that month, based on which you will get subtantial bonuses in SAYT tokens.

In the application there will be an exchanger with which all loyalty points from other partner shops can be exchanged into the SAYT token and SAYT can be exchanged into EURO once launched on an external exchanger.

The application will list all SAYARI’s commercial partners with their discounts.

All purchases and tokens received as discounts will be recorded in the application.

The safety and security of the application is maximum, in accordance with the European standards. Each user will have to fill in their KYC (Know Your Customer), choose a password and save a security phrase.

Planet Sayari

To the Moon and Back: Planet Sayari is Taking Loyalty to the Next Level with Blockchain.

Do you want to become part of the Sayari loyalty program?

Download our Sayari mobile app and start shopping at our partner stores. Earn significant discounts on Sayt tokens. Recommend the program to others and you will earn more tokens. Exceed your monthly shopping level and you will be rewarded with even more tokens!