Planet Sayari adopts a cautious, risk-averse approach in the unpredictable cryptocurrency market, aiming to offer investors long-term compounding value instead of significant speculative profits. The objective is to achieve stable, reliable returns through security token dividends, interest payments, and potential value increase, rather than quick and unstable expansion. Planet Sayari considers its security tokens as a means to merge conventional finance with digital currency, providing investors with a thorough integration of the crypto and fiat realms. By emphasizing stability, liquidity, ecosystem, and yield, Planet Sayari strives to distinguish itself in the cryptocurrency sector.


1. Focus on security tokens:

By issuing security tokens rather than volatile cryptocurrencies, Planet Sayari aims to provide more stable value to investors. Security tokens are tied to real-world assets like gold, bonds, real estate, etc. So their value is more stable and less speculative. This protects investors from major losses due to volatility.


2. Provide dividends and interest:

Rather than just hoping that the token value will increase over time, Planet Sayari will pay dividends and interest to token holders. This also provides more stable returns and cash flow to investors.

3. Work with banks for liquidity:

Planet Sayari plans to partner with major banks to provide liquidity to investors through their Private Placement (PP) programs. This will make it easy for investors to buy and sell the tokens, and convert them into fiat currency by participating in the special program developed by Planet Sayari called High Yields Program. This addresses one of the biggest challenges with cryptocurrencies and security tokens which is lack of liquidity.

4. Focus on long-term stability:

The overall strategy focuses on long-term stability, security, and viability. Rather than being a speculative cryptocurrency company, Planet Sayari aims to establish a sustainable ecosystem and stable value system based on real-world assets. Investors are more likely to gain consistent returns over time versus potential big losses.

In summary, the strategy emphasizes security tokens, the generation of dividends and interest, collaboration with banks to enhance liquidity, and the creation of a stable ecosystem that ensures long-term viability for investors. The objective is to deliver consistent and compounding value over time, as opposed to significant speculative gains or losses, marking a cautious and steady approach within the volatile cryptocurrency industry.

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