Planet Sayari has meticulously crafted an ecosystem of tokens tailored to serve a multitude of functions within its platform. These tokens are engineered to offer utility, security, liquidity, and incentive features that cater to the varied requirements of users, investors, retailers, and other partners. By harnessing the power of tokens, Planet Sayari not only incentivizes user engagement but also fosters a dynamic and thriving ecosystem.
At the core of this ecosystem lie two tokens, each with its distinct purpose and value proposition.
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Sayari Deluxe (SDX)

The first is SAYARI DELUXE which is a token designed to attract large investors.

Token Security SDX. Name SAYRIDELUXE

SAYIRI stands for Instant Return Insurance and represents an escrow token designed to provide consumers with a level of security when purchasing the token. The purpose of the SAYIRI SecurityToken is to safeguard buyers by offering them a quick and hassle-free returns process by the end of the High Yields program. Overall, the SAYIRI TokenSecurity serves as a powerful tool to foster trust and foster a positive consumer experience.

To summarize, SAYIRI tokens stand for:
– Vehicle for Warranties
– Vehicle for engagement
– Vehicle for high performance programs
– Vehicle for project financing



Sayari Synergy (SYN)

The second token minted by PLANET SAYARI is the Synergy Token. The SYNERGY token is part of Planet Sayari’s larger blockchain-based loyalty program. This program is based on two tokens, a fixed value token, SYNERGY, through which investors will have access to the launch price of the main utility token SAYT when it launches. The loyalty program is based on a mobile application through which buyers registered in the program will receive the Sayt token as a bonus when making purchases at partner stores, which they can subsequently exchange for another token or fiat. Obviously, based on the stability of the token itself, this token can be used indifferently as a guarantee for different investment programs.

The future tokens are certainly the SAYT token, which will be listed once the application of the LoyaltyProgram has been completed and then a whole series of other tokens which will be made official when the project itself is confirmed.


Sayari Token (SAYT)

is the utility token that will be backed by a loyalty program that will offer SAYT tokens as a discount to all shoppers who shop with Sayari Planet’s retail partners. The loyalty program will be launched in the next future .

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